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TerraScan User Guide

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TerraScan Settings

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TerraScan Settings

Settings control the way how tools and commands of TerraScan work. They are organized in logical categories. The Settings dialog is opened by the Settings tool.

settings folder / category

Building vectorization / Editing tools

Building vectorization / Levels

Building vectorization / Model

Component fitting / Colors

Component fitting / Levels

Component fitting / Operation

Component fitting / Profile

Component fitting / Weights and styles

Coordinate transformations / Built-in projection systems

Coordinate transformations / Transformations

Coordinate transformations / US State Planes

Coordinate transformations / User projection systems

File formats / Default storage format

File formats / File name extensions

File formats / LAS formats

File formats / LAZ formats

File formats / Leica formats

File formats / Optech formats

File formats / User point formats

File formats / User trajectory formats

Manual classification tools / Classify Above Line

Manual classification tools / Classify Below Line

Manual classification tools / Classify Close to Line

Manual classification tools / Classify Fence tool

Powerlines / Active line

Powerlines / Profile layouts

Powerlines / Tower functions

Powerlines / Tower statuses

Powerlines / Tower types

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