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Scanner waveform profiles

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Scanner waveform profiles

Scanner waveform profiles category shows a list of scanner waveform profile definitions. Scanner waveform profiles provide the reference or standard waveform shape that is typical for a scanner. They are required for waveform processing tasks, such as the extraction of echo properties or the extraction of additional points.

The waveform profile can be created from loaded laser points and trajectory information. The trajectory must include the link to the waveform file. The waveform profile can be best extracted from laser points on open ground, preferable hard surface, where a wider range of intensity values are represented. The sample points should not be too close to line edges.

You can Add, Edit, and Delete waveform profiles by using the corresponding buttons in the Settings dialog. You can also Copy a profile definition and view it in a text editor or Paste a profile definition from a text editor in TerraScan.

To create a new scanner waveform profile:

1. Use Manage Trajectories tool and commands from the Trajectories dialog in order to import and manage trajectories, and to link the trajectories with the waveform files.

2. Load points into TerraScan.

3. Classify points in sample areas that are suited for creating the scanner waveform profile.

4. Open the Scanner waveform profiles category.

5. Click Add in the Settings dialog.

The Scanner Waveform Profile dialog opens:


6. Define settings and click OK.

The software extracts the waveform profile.

7. Close the Settings dialog in order to save the modified settings for TerraScan.



Unique id

Number of the waveform profile. Must be unique in the list of scanner waveform profiles.


Name of the waveform profile.

Hard surface

Laser point class that the software uses to extract the waveform profile. Uses the active class definitions in TerraScan.

Scanner waveform profiles are stored in a configuration file WAVEFORM_PROFILES.INF in the TerraScan installation folder. You can copy this file to other computers in order to make scanner waveform profiles available on them.

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