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Scanner systems

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Scanner systems

Scanner systems category shows a list of scanner system configurations. A scanner system can include several scanners where each scanner has its own lever arm definition. The system definition also defines the misalignment between the IMU and the scanner system.

In addition, each scanner in a system can contain a link to a waveform profileNot UAV. See Scanner waveform profile for more information.

The scanner system number must be unique. It is used to establish a link between a scanner system and trajectory files.

You can Add, Edit, and Delete scanner systems by using the corresponding buttons in the Settings dialog. You can Add, Edit, and Delete scanners by using the corresponding buttons in the Scanner System dialog.

The lever arm of a scanner describes the distance between the IMU and the scanner. It is expressed as X, Y, and Z components of a vector. The direction of the three vector components is as follows:

X - positive values to the right, negative to the left.

Y - positive values forward, negative backward.

Z - positive values up, negative down.

To add a new scanner system:

1. Open the Scanner systems category.

2. Click Add in the Settings dialog.

The Scanner System dialog opens:


3. Type a Scanner number and a Scanner name.

4. If necessary, define values for the misalignment angles Heading, Roll, and Pitch between the scanner system and the IMU.

5. Click Add in the Scanner System dialog in order to add a new scanner.

The Scanner dialog opens:


6. Define settings and click OK.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all scanners that belong to the system.

8. Click OK in the Scanner System dialog.

9. Close the Settings dialog in order to save the scanner system settings for TerraScan.



Scanner number

Number of the scanner. Must be unique within a system.

Lever arm X | Y | Z

X, Y, and Z component of the lever arm vector between IMU and the scanner.

Waveform profile

Waveform profile linked to the scanner.

Scanner systems are stored in a configuration file SCANNER_SYSTEMS.INF in the TerraScan installation folder. You can copy this file to other computers in order to make scanner system definitions available on them.

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