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TerraScan User Guide

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Spatix/MicroStation Documentation and Terminology

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Spatix documentation

The User Guide for Spatix is published by GISware Integro and delivered as PDF with the software. It can be opened with the Manual command from the Help menu of Spatix.

Terrasolid software runs on top of Spatix. The functionality of Terrasolid software is the same in Spatix and on top of Bentley products whenever possible. Any differences are clearly mentioned in the User Guide.

MicroStation documentation

This user guide is written under the assumption that the reader knows how to use the basic MicroStation features. You should refer to any documentation of MicroStation whenever you need information about tools and functionality of the CAD platform.

Terrasolid software runs on top of the full version of Bentley MicroStation or some other CAD products of Bentley, such as PowerDraft. Compatible Bentley products are listed on Terrasolid's webpage. The CAD platform causes no difference in functionality of Terrasolid software. Therefore, only the term "MicroStation" is used when referring to any Bentley product.


Spatix and MicroStation often use different terms for referring to the same thing. Long-time users of MicroStation are used to the terminology of the Bentley products. New Spatix users without MicroStation knowledge only get to know the Spatix terminology.

To keep the text of the User Guide simple, only one term is used (normally the MicroStation term) if no specific separation of MicroStation and Spatix terminology is necessary. The following table provides an overview of the terminology of the two CAD platforms:






also Level list, Level manager, Active level

Select Element

Choose Element

selection tool

Line string


element type



element type

Complex element

Create Complex Chain

Create Complex Shape

Big element

Construct Big Element / Big line

Construct Big Element / Big polygon

element type





element type, also Cell library

Fence (= selected shape)

= selected polygon

many TerraScan functions consider a selected polygon as fence

Key-in command

Spaccel (Spatix accelerates)

typed command to call a function, also key-in window, key-in line


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