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TerraScan User Guide

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About this User Guide

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About this User Guide

This document serves as a user's guide for the 64-bit versions of TerraScan. The entry-level version, TerraScan Lite, is functionally a subset of the full version, TerraScan. TerraScan UAV is aiming to users who process point clouds collected with UAS (Unmanned Airborne Systems, also referred to systems carried by Drones). Tools available in TerraScan, TerraScan UAV, and/or TerraScan Lite work identically in all versions. Tools that are not available in TerraScan Lite are marked as "Not Lite" in the documentation. Tools that are not available in TerraScan UAV are marked with "Not UAV" in the documentation.

Document conventions

The following conventions and symbols appear in this guide:

Data click - click on the data button, usually the left mouse button on a right-hand mouse.

Reset click - click on the reset button, usually the right mouse button on a right-hand mouse.

< > - angle brackets are used to refer to keyboard keys, for example, <Enter>.

Command - type a command in the Spaccels window of Spatix or the key-in line of MicroStation and then press <Enter>.

OR - alternate procedures or steps in a procedure.

C:\TERRA64 - paths to directories of files on a hard disk are written with capital letters.

- introduces the beginning of a workflow.

When no distinction between Spatix and MicroStation versions is necessary, this document refers to the CAD environment simply as "CAD platform".

Notes and hints are highlighted in light blue boxes.

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