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Adjust to geoid

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Adjust to geoid

Adjust to geoid command adjusts the elevation values of a laser data set to a local elevation model. The elevation model can be defined by a text file, a TerraModeler surface, or a selected linear chain.

The theory of geoid adjustment and the use of the command in TerraScan are explained in detail in section Geoid adjustment.

To run elevation adjustment on loaded points:

1. Choose Adjust to geoid command from the Tools pulldown menu.

This opens the Adjust to Geoid dialog:


2. Select the input model type in the Dz model field.

3. Click OK.

If Points from file is selected as the Dz model, the Geoid dz file dialog opens, a standard dialog for opening a file.

4. Select the text file and click Open.

This starts the geoid adjustment for the loaded points. When the process has finished, an information dialog shows the number of adjusted points and the variation of adjustment values.



Dz model

Input model for geoid corrections: Points from file, Selected linear chain, a specific surface model that is active in TerraModeler.


Distance from a selected linear element by which the linear chain is extended for elevation value corrections. This is only active if Dz model is set to Selected linear chain.

Inside fence only

If on, geoid adjustment effects only loaded points that are located inside a fence or selected polygon. Requires a fence or selected polygon in the CAD file.

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