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Welcome to Terrasolid’s Technical Support

Terrasolid uses a ticket system for handling technical support requests. We encourage you to use the form on this page for submitting your questions regarding technical problems or usage issues with Terrasolid software.

Terrasolid accepts support requests in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and Spanish language. If you write in another language than English, the processing time depends on the availability of a Terrasolid staff member who can handle the ticket or act as a translator.

User’s support is a part of the maintenance agreement. It includes short replies by email to the user's questions but not extensive training through the internet. We kindly ask you to provide the license number of your Terrasolid product for which you request support. We will use the number to check the validity of your maintenance agreement.

Terrasolid does not accept direct emails with technical support questions anymore. Please click on the Create a New Ticket button below in order to open the webform and fill all required information for creating a ticket.

If you have purchased Terrasolid software from your local reseller, you can also contact him in case of support requests. This may be the preferred way of getting faster support if you are in a very different time zone from Finland.

By using the webform for creating a ticket or contacting Terrasolid support by email, you agree to the storage of your data in a database. Terrasolid does not pass this information to any third party. You further need to accept the creation of cookies in order to use the form.

More advices and instructions for submitting a support request

Before you create a new ticket, you may check our Frequently Asked Questions pages.
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Please read the above information before you create a support ticket.

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