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Memory usage

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Memory usage

Memory usage category defines how much memory the application can use for caching images.

The combined size of reference images is often much larger than the amount of available memory. TerraPhoto keeps recently used raster images in memory and can therefore display those images very fast. The application needs to read an image from the hard disk only if it is not already in the cache when it needs to be drawn on the screen.

You should set the image cache size to be 10% to 50% of your computer’s physical memory if you are viewing GeoTIFF images. A larger cache size results in a better performance for image display.

ECW images are separately cached by the ECW library routines. If you are viewing ECW images only, set the image cache size to a relatively small value (8 - 32 MB). The image cache is then used to keep copies of uncompressed raster fragments.




Image cache size in megabytes.

Free all

Button to remove everything from the image cache and thus, empty the memory.


Maximum number of ECW files kept open at the same time. Default value is 200.

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