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Settings for final orthophotos

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Settings for final orthophotos

Orthophotos produced as end products for delivery require more processing steps and input information. This includes a correct ground model, accurate positioning of the raw images, color corrections, selection shapes, and possibly 3D vector models of objects on the surface for producing true-orthophotos.

Typical settings for final orthophotos are shown below. There are now more options used in the Options group of the Rectify selected tiles dialog. They make the rectification process slower but result in better-quality orthophotos.

Format is set to GeoTIFF which results in raster files without any loss of quality caused by compression.

Use surface objects makes use of closed shapes that are drawn on the given CAD file levels. It produces true-orthophotos where the shapes are utilized to get the correct position of objects above the ground, such as building roofs and bridges.

Use color points defines a Color points file. The file contains color balancing information in order to eliminate brightness and color differences between neighboring images.

Use selection shapes involves all types of Selection shapes stored in the CAD file. Selection shapes manipulate seamlines between images or define the usage of certain raw images in specified areas.


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