Web Training Courses

Our training was moved online. See the schedule and register before it fills up (the number of participants is limited)!

All information about each training session is in the registration form.

For hands-on training the attendees should have software installed.

All of our courses are free of charge.

Please use your company email address in registration form.

In addition to the scheduled courses, we also offer customer-tailored training. Contact us in order to arrange training for your specific needs if the courses below do not fit your schedule, or if you are interested in other training topics. Please read the conditions for customer-tailored training.


Terrasolid GoToTraining courses are only for our maintenance customers unless otherwise agreed beforehand with you.
All registrations are separately approved.
If you are not a maintenance customer, you may be contacted for more information to verify your right to attend the training.

Web Training Courses

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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