Training Opportunities

There are multiple ways to learn more about Terrasolid software.

Training courses at the Terrasolid office in Finland

Terrasolid organizes one or two days training courses in Espoo, Finland throughout the year. The Terrasolid training room is located in Espoo-Leppävaara that is easily accessible from Helsinki City and Helsinki Airport. There are accommodation options and a shopping center nearby. Dates, topics and registration for training courses can be found in the Training Schedule.

Customer-tailored training in Espoo

If the scheduled courses do fit to your schedule or if you are interested in other training topics, please contact Terrasolid in order to arrange a training for your specific needs.

Please read the conditions for customer-tailored training before contacting us.

Training events

Terrasolid organizes or takes part in annual training events every year all over the world. There are usually training sessions for different experience levels, from basic training to more advanced topics. The dates of the coming events can be found on the News & Events page.

Presentations given at Terrasolid events are published after the event. In general, they cover the newest features of Terrasolid software or topics related to LiDAR and image processing.

Training animations

Training animations show step-by-step how to work with Terrasolid software. The topics vary from basic workflows to end products' creation and licence management. There is also training data available for some of the training topics which provide a good starting point for your independent training.

In-house training

Terrasolid also offers user-tailored training at the customer's location. Please contact Terrasolid to ask for a quotation for in-house training.

Please read the conditions for customer-tailored training before contacting us.




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