License Registration and Update

All new licenses must be registered before Terrasolid sends the license files to you. For the registration of new licenses, you need the license serial number which can be found on the invoice you received from Terrasolid. The registration can be started

More information about the process can be found on the pages for network/node-locked license registration linked below. After your registration has been checked, the license files will be sent within a few days by email to you or the nominated contact person of your company.

Register Network Licenses

Register Node-locked Licenses

Please read the information about Terrasolid License Server and Manager.

Terrasolid sends network licenses only to customers, who have a valid Maintenance Agreement or Academic License Agreement.

If you need to move the licenses to another server, you have to re-register the licenses to the new server ID.

'Node-locked' licenses are locked to a specific PC name and ID number. Node-locked licenses are targeted to users, who:

  • like to evaluate the software
  • do not like to use network licenses with Terra License Server and Manager
  • have terminated their Maintenance Agreement with Terrasolid and like to get their final permanent licenses

If you need to move the licenses to another PC, you have to re-register the licenses to the new PC name and ID number.

Annual License Update

The major version number of Terrasolid software changes annually in the first three months. Licenses for a major version expire on March 31st of the year following the release of the major version. A new major version requires new license files.

If you have a valid Maintenance Agreement, Terrasolid replaces your old licenses with new ones applicable for the new versions. Keeping your maintenance agreement entitles you to:

Your Maintenance Agreement with Terrasolid continues automatically without notice if you do not terminate it according to the terms of the Maintenance Agreement (see point 1.7 of the agreement). Terrasolid sends the invoice for the maintenance fee in the beginning of the year to the nominated contact person of your company.

To request new license files, please follow the steps for license registration
described on the webpages for Network Licenses or Node-locked Licenses

It is recommended to request the update of licenses latest in the middle of March, if the new license files have not been sent earlier.

If you request licenses for a new major version, Terrasolid assumes that you want to continue your maintenance agreement. You will receive an invoice for the maintenance fee if it has not yet been sent before.

If you terminate your Maintenance Agreement, please request permanent node-locked licenses for the latest major version for which you had a valid agreement. Please note that node-locked licenses are bound to the computer for which they are created. Terrasolid does not send new node-locked licenses for any computer (the same or another) if the maintenance agreement has been terminated.

Please contact Terrasolid if you have questions related to the validity of your Maintenance Agreement or the license update.

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