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TerraModeler – Surface Modeling and Terrain Mapping

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>> Overview of functionality in TerraModeler, TerraModeler LITE, and TerraModeler UAV

With TerraModeler you can create, edit and utilize surface models. TerraModeler creates surface models (TINs) from various sources, such as LiDAR points stored in binary files or loaded in TerraScan, XYZ ascii files and graphical design elements. The software offers versatile visualization options including colored shaded surfaces, contour lines, grids, colored triangle nets, elevation texts, slope directions and textured surfaces (in combination with TerraPhoto). Additional functionality includes the production of contour lines and lattice models in batch processing, modification of the TIN, creation of profiles, calculation of volumes, calculation of elevation or volume differences between two surface models, several labeling options as well as other tools for design purposes. Completed with various export options, TerraModeler is a versatile tool for many kinds of design and modeling tasks.

TerraModeler Lite

The lighter version of TerraModeler, TerraModeler Lite, has a reduced functionality and is optimized for designers, surveyors and other users whose primary aim is to create TINs, display models and calculate volumes from a small amount of survey data. It replaced the former TerraModeler Field in 2012.

The functionality of TerraModeler Lite includes:

  • creation of surface models from several sources, e.g. laser points, breakline elements, xyz text files
  • display of surfaces using different display methods, such as contour lines, grids, triangles, elevation texts or slope directions
  • modification of surfaces by excluding long triangles, thinning, modifying elevations, inserting breaklines, inserting or removing elevation points, manipulating elevations inside specified areas
  • creation of new surfaces by copying, subtracting or merging existing surface models
  • visual analysis of surface models by displaying elevations, elevation differences between surfaces, slope gradients and directions
  • drawing vector elements based on surface elevations
  • drawing labels for slopes and areas
  • manipulation of vector elements by changing their elevation, thinning or inserting vertices, copy elements, place elements relative to an alignment element
  • creation of rule files for breakline handling in surface triangulation
  • creation of setting files for contour lines and peaks/pits in preparation of batch contour line or lattice file production in TerraModeler
  • display of profiles based on surfaces, draw profiles in the dgn-file
  • calculation of quantities and intersections between two surfaces

TerraModeler or TerraModeler Lite are useful and, for many visualization and modeling tasks a requirement for Terrasolid's design software products TerraStreet, TerraPipe and TerraBore.

TerraModeler UAV

TerraModeler UAV is a lighter version of TerraModeler. It is dedicated to users that process only point clouds collected by Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs, also called Drones). UAV systems produce relatively small point clouds from a low altitude. The UAV version of TerraModeler is recommended to be used for processing point clouds up to a few hundred million of points which may result in a few million ground points to be used in surface models (depends also on hardware conditions).

TerraModeler UAV does not have any batch processing capabilites.

Missing tools/commands
  • Domain tools
  • Region tools
  • Lattice database tools
  • Display Themes
  • Display Region Triangles
  • Produce contours
  • Produce lattice models
  • Produce triangles

TerraModeler UAV is available only in a bundle with other Terrasolid UAV software versions, such as TerraScan UAV, TerraPhoto UAV, and/or TerraMatch UAV.


DTM - Shaded surface


DTM - Contour lines


DTM - Breaklines


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