Raster references in TerraPhoto

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Raster references in TerraPhoto

Raster references in TerraPhoto

The Manage Raster References window is used to view raster images in TerraPhoto. The commands of the window are described in detail in Chapter Commands for Raster References.

To attach raster references in TerraPhoto:

1. Load TerraPhoto. See Starting TerraPhoto for instructions on how to load TerraPhoto.

2. Select the Manage Raster References tool.

This opens the Manage Raster References window.

3. Select Attach files command from the File pulldown menu.

This opens a standard dialog for opening files.

4. Select all files to be opened.

TerraPhoto inspects the selected files and opens the Reference Visibility dialog. This dialog allows you to change the visibility of the images in MicroStation views 1 - 8 and for rendered views.

5. Click OK.

The raster images are attached and are displayed in the selected views if they are top views.