Flythru Movies

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Flythru Movies

Flythru Movies

TerraPhoto provides a tool for capturing frames which can then be combined into a movie. The frames are rendered views along a camera path that determines the path, viewing direction, and other settings of the camera. All above described elements in rendered views can be part of the frames.

In addition, frames can be created without applying TerraPhoto rendering. Thus, all elements that are visible on the screen in a MicroStation view are included in the frames in the same way as they are displayed on the screen. This may also include text elements.

The frames are stored as image files. The Windows Live Movie Maker or any other software for movie creation can be used to combine the frames into a movie.

The process of frame creation for movies includes the following steps:

Definition of a camera path - creation of a 3D path for the camera.

Definition of target vectors - defines camera viewing direction and distance.

Creation of frames - frames are rendered and saved as image files.