Design file coordinate system

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Design file coordinate system

Design file coordinate system

MicroStation design files use a coordinate system which can incorporate only a limited coordinate range. You should make sure that the raster image coordinates fit inside your design file coordinate system.

If you regularly work in the same geographical area and use the same coordinate system, your seed files are probably configured correctly.

As an alternative, you may want to create a new design file using a seed file that is provided with the TerraPhoto installation. The SEED3DCM.DGN file has working units defined as follows:

Master units: m

Sub Units: cm

Resolution: 100 cm per m

1 Pos Units per cm

This seed file can include coordinate values between -21 474 836 and +21 474 836.

To create a suitable empty design file:

1. Select New command from the File pulldown menu in MicroStation.

The New dialog opens:


2. Type a name for the file to be created in the Files text field.

3. Click Select to select the seed file to be used.

The Select Seed File dialog opens.

4. Locate SEED3DCM.DGN seed file.

If you installed TerraPhoto in the default directory C:\TERRA, you can find this file at C:\TERRA\SEED\SEED3DCM.DGN. Alternatively, you can type in the full path of the seed file in the Files text field.

5. Click OK to accept the seed file.

6. Click OK to accept the creation of a new design file.

This creates a new design file and opens it.