Set accuracy

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Set accuracy

Set accuracy

Set accuracy command defines accuracy estimates for all positions of one or more selected trajectories. Accuracy estimates are mainly used in TerraMatch for computing weighted corrections for line matching. They also effect tie points that are collected in TerraPhoto for matching purposes. See Chapter Working with Tie Points for more information about tie points.

Accuracy estimates may be computed for each trajectory position by the post-processing software together with the other attributes, such as coordinates and attitude angles. However, if the values are not provided, the command offers a way to assign accuracy estimates to trajectories manually.

To set the accuracy for trajectory files:

1. Select one or several trajectories in the list.

2. Select Set accuracy command from the Trajectory pulldown menu.

This opens the Set trajectory accuracy dialog:


3. Switch on the accuracy type that you want to set

4. Select an accuracy estimate value from the list.

5. Click OK.

The sets the accuracy for all positions of all selected trajectories.



Accuracy xy

Horizontal accuracy estimate.

Accuracy z

Vertical accuracy estimate.

Accuracy h

Heading accuracy estimate.

Accuracy rp

Roll and pitch accuracy estimate.