File pulldown menu

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File pulldown menu

File pulldown menu

Commands in the File pulldown menu are used to open and save tie points, import known point files, recompute all tie points, output a report, draw tie point distribution and residual vectors, search tie points automatically, modify tie point types, clean undefined pixels, and modify the image numbers.



Erase currently defined tie points


Open a previously saved tie points file


Save tie points to an existing file


Save tie points to a new file

Save As

Import known point coordinates from a text file

Import known points

Import known line coordinates from a text file

Import known lines

Recompute solution points for tie points

Recompute all

Output a report about tie points

Output report

Draw the distribution of tie points for a camera

Draw pixel distribution

Draw residual vectors for all tie points of a camera

Draw residual vectors

Search new tie points in automatic mode

Search points

Convert ground into air tie points automatically

Fix ground or air

Remove all undefined pixels from all tie point

Clean all

Change the image numbering in the tie point file

Renumber images