Tie points / Entry

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Tie points / Entry

Tie points / Entry

Entry category in Tie points folder defines settings for entering tie points.

The Distance from mobile camera settings apply to the placement of Air tie points in mobile data sets. When an Air tie point is entered in one raw image, the software needs to decide which other images see the location. To do this, the software has to guess the location of the object on which the tie point is placed. This is done based on the Default setting that represents the distance from the position of the raw image. The tie point is created in all images that appear to see the tie point location. If an image position is more than the given Maximum distance away from the tie point location, the tie point is not placed in this image.




Used to compute the XYZ location of an Air tie point after it has been placed in the first raw image.


Maximum distance of an image position from an Air tie point position. If an image is further away, the tie point is not placed in this image.

Hilite known point location

If on, Known xyz and Known xy tie point locations are marked with a cross in the tie point entry views.

Reset when image loses point values

If on, the Tie status attribute of an image is reset from Approved to Check if the image’s tie point value becomes smaller then the value defined in Tie points / Display.