Tie points / Automation

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Tie points / Automation

Tie points / Automation

Automation category in Tie points folder defines how semi-automatic tie point search works. See Tie point entry modes for more information. Another setting relates to the usage of keyboard keys for navigating in the tie point lists.



Find matches automatically

If on, the application searches matching positions in secondary images automatically for Ground tie points.

Search width

Size of the comparison raster to find matching tie point positions.

Match limit

Limit for how good or bad matches are accepted for tie points. Good matches have a lower value, bad matches have a higher value. Default setting is 10.

Bad matches

Action to take for matches which are worse than the Match limit:

Set manually - applications leaves the tie point pixel undefined and displays the secondary image for the user to enter the pixel manually.

Reject - bad matches are ignored and not shown to the user.

Focus point list automatically

If on, the focus of key commands stays on the tie point list in the Tie point window. Thus, the <Arrow up> and <Arrow down> keys can be used immediately after a tie point has been placed to select tie point pixels in the Tie point window.