TerraPhoto Settings

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TerraPhoto Settings

TerraPhoto Settings

Settings control the way how tools and commands of TerraPhoto work. They are organized in logical categories. The TerraPhoto Settings dialog is opened by the Settings tool.



Coordinate transformations / Builtin projection systems

Angle systems

Coordinate transformations / Transformations

Attitude computation

Coordinate transformations / US State Planes

Color points

Coordinate transformations / User projection systems

Define Color Corrections

Reference images / Default visibility

ECW compression

Reference images / Raster references

Editing textures

Tie points / Automation

Exterior orientation formats

Tie points / Display

Histogram adjustment

Tie points / Entry

Laser points

Video / Display

Memory usage

Video / Misalignment

Mobile rectification




Selection shapes


TFW and JGW files


Tile naming schemes


Trajectory formats