Process panoramic images

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Process panoramic images

Process panoramic images

TerraPhoto is able to process panoramic images of Ladybug cameras. The overall workflow for camera calibration is not much different from the workflow of a frame image camera. However, the camera parameters to calibrate with the help of tie points are reduced to the three misalignment angles Heading, Roll and Pitch. The relative and absolute image positioning can further be improved by Known XYZ, Known Depth or Depth tie points and by fluctuating corrections computed in TerraMatch.

Panoramic images can be used in TerraPhoto and TerraScan for extracting colour values for laser points.

1. Create TerraPhoto camera calibration file in the TerraPhoto camera dialog. Define Image height and Image width. Set Orientation to Mobile, Side looking and switch on the Panoramic setting.

2. Define a mission with New mission command.

3. Import trajectories using Manage Camera Trajectories tool.

4. Create an image list with Compute list command.


3. Define an exterior orientation file format in Exterior orientation formats of TerraPhoto Settings.

4. Create an image list by importing exterior orientation files with Load list command.

5. Collect enough tie points with Define tie points command to validate and adjust camera parameter values (only Heading, Roll, Pitch). This part of the workflow is described in detail in Section Adjust camera parameters for mobile ground-based projects.

6. (Optional) Collect Known XYZ, Known Depth, and/or Depth tie points for further image position adjustment. This part of the workflow is described in detail in Section Adjust relative and absolute image positions for mobile ground-based projects.

7. Parts of the panoramic images may show the system or the car carrying the system. Define a bad polygon in order to exclude this image are from further processing.

8. Use TerraScan commands in order to extract colors from raw images to laser point.