Utility pulldown menu

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Utility pulldown menu

Utility pulldown menu

Commands from the Utility pulldown menu are used to start various processing steps for images of the active image list.



Draw image footprints as shape elements

Draw footprints

Draw image coverage as pyramids extending to camera

Draw projections

Analyze brightness distribution of images

Analyze images

Adjust image colors

Adjust images

Assign a group number to images

Assign groups

Assign trajectory numbers to images

Deduce line numbers

Create thumbnail images for different resolution ratios

Create thumbnails

Create depth maps

Compute depth maps

Create shadow maps

Compute shadow maps

Create text files that store orientation values for images

Export orientation

Copy needed images from central storage

Transfer images

Rectify raw images

Rectify images

Blur areas in images

Blur selected polygons

Adjust image angles and focal length visually

Adjust image angles

View raw images

View images

Open TerraPhoto Settings dialog