Mission definition

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Mission definition

Mission definition

TerraPhoto uses a mission definition to link all necessary pieces of information that belong to a project. This includes the following:

Descriptive information about the mission, such as project name, location, and date.

Output directories for rectified images and temporary files.

List of cameras used in the mission. For each camera, the directory and name of a camera calibration file, the format and storage directory of the raw images, and a numbering scheme are defined.

A mission is created, modified, and saved by using the commands from the Mission pulldown menu in the TPhoto Main window. See New mission for a description of mission settings and the workflow of creating a mission.

TerraPhoto provides commands for the automatic creation of mission, camera calibration, and image list files for certain camera systems. More precisely, TerraPhoto is able to import the output files of those camera systems which provide the information necessary for creating the TerraPhoto files. The following system output files are supported:

Denmark oblique camera files - see Import Denmark oblique command.

Lynx system index files - see Import Lynx Survey command.

Pictometry system files - see Import Pictometry Survey command.