Image list

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Image list

Image list

An image list stores position and orientation information for each raw image. Further, it can contain additional information for each image, such as color correction values, quality and accuracy tags. TerraPhoto stores an image list as a text file with the extension .IML. TerraPhoto can also read and write an image list in the TopoDOT format with the extension .LST.

There are two common ways of creating an image list:

Link image timing file(s) with trajectory information

This requires that the time stamps of the trajectories in TerraPhoto match with the time stamps stored for each raw image in an image timing file.

The process includes two steps:

1. Import trajectories into TerraPhoto using the commands Set directory and Import files of the TerraPhoto Trajectories window. See Manage Camera Trajectories for detailed information.

2. Compute an image list from the image timing file(s) using the Compute list command of the TPhoto Main window.

Import exterior orientation files

This requires that the format of the exterior orientation files is defined in Exterior orientation formats of the TerraPhoto Settings. The files are imported and converted into a TerraPhoto image list using the Load list command of the TPhoto Main window.

If the data was collected with a Lynx system or a Pictometry system, the image list can be created automatically from the system output files. See Section Mission definition for more information.

If a Denmark oblique exterior orentation file needs to be imported, no format definition is required. The .DBF files can be loaded directly with the Load list command.