Mission file format

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Mission file format

Mission file format

A mission file stores the basic information about a mission definition. The default extension for a mission file is .MIS.

The mission file is written as a text file where the first row is a constant header which is used for recognizing the file. Each of the following rows contains one parameter name followed by an equal sign and the value(s) for that parameter. The order of the parameter rows is free. This file structure is very flexible as the basic file structure does not need to be changed if new parameters are added or old ones are removed.

The possible parameters are:

Description - descriptive name for the mission.

Date - date of the survey.

Operator - operator during the survey.

Location - location of the survey.

Platform - system platform used for the survey (0=Airborne, 1=Mobile).

ProjectionSystem - projections system of the data used for defining the scale factor.

ProjectionScale - scale factor.

OrthoDirectory - directory for storing rectified images of a ortho mosaic.

TempDirectory - directory for storing temporary files.

RectifyDirectory - directory for storing rectified images.

CameraCount - number of camera systems or camera setups in the mission.

Name0 - descriptive name of the first camera.

Accuracy0 - 0=bad, 1=normal, 2=good accuracy.

DirectoryCount0 - number of raw image directories.

Directory0_n - directory from where to read raw images (n = number of the directory).

CalFile0 - camera calibration file of the first camera.

RawFormat0 - raw image format (9=BMP, 18=JPG, 1001=RAW, 1052=ECW, 1053=TIFF).

Numbering0 - method of deriving unique image numbers from the file name.

Name1 - descriptive name for the second camera.



1 [TerraPhoto mission v2]

2 Description=Training

3 Date=

4 Operator=

5 Location=Finland

6 Platform=0

7 ProjectionSystem=9026

8 ProjectionScale=1.00000000

9 OrthoDirectory=..\ortho

10 TempDirectory=..\temp

11 RectifyDirectory=..\rect

12 CameraCount=3

13 Name0=Vertical

14 Accuracy0=1

15 DirectoryCount0=1

16 Directory0_0=..\images_vert\

17 CalFile0=.\vertical.cal

18 RawFormat0=1052

19 Numbering0=5

20 Name1=Back

21 Accuracy1=1

22 DirectoryCount1=1

23 Directory1_0=..\images_obl\

24 CalFile1=.\back.cal

25 RawFormat1=18

26 Numbering1=5

27 Name2=Forward

28 Accuracy2=1

29 DirectoryCount2=1

30 Directory2_0=..\images_obl\

31 CalFile2=.\fore.cal

32 RawFormat2=18

33 Numbering2=5