Image list file format

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Image list file format

Image list file format

An image list stores the positions and the orientations of raw images. The default extension for a TerraPhoto image list file is .IML.

TerraPhoto stores an image list as a text file where the first row is a header row which is used to recognize the file format. Each of the following rows contains one parameter name followed by an equal sign and the value(s) for that parameter. Several rows contain the complete information for one image.

The possible attributes stored for each image are:

Image - image file name.

Time - image time stamp.

Xyz - camera easting, northing, and elevation (focal point of the image), values separated by space.

Hrp - heading angle (degree, zero north, increase clockwise), roll angle (degree, zero wings level, increase left wing up), and pitch angle (degree, zero nose level, increase nose up), values separated by space.

Camera - camera index from the mission definition.

Quality - quality value.

Color - color correction values, start with letter C followed by semicolon-separated values for red, green, blue, intensity, saturation, contrast.


Rectify - status related to ortho rectification (0=inactive)

TieStatus - status related to tie points (1=approved)

Group - group value.

AccuracyXyz - accuracy estimate of the image. This can be derived from accuracy estimate values that are assigned to trajectory positions. The Compute list command stores an accuracy value for each image if accuracy estimates have been imported for the trajectory. Images with a better accuracy value get a bigger weight in tie point computation, they move less.

BrightDistr - comma-separated grid values for radial intensity corrections.

Histogram information field


1 [TerraPhoto image list v5]

2 Image=003151-052412050144-CAM1

3 Time=363703.858196

4 Xyz=487929.914 6904407.122 858.887

5 Hrp=-180.22586 1.47839 2.76466

6 Camera=0

7 Quality=1

8 Color=C0;-1;2;4;40;20

9 Contrast=55

10 Rectify=0

11 TieStatus=1

12 Group=1

13 AccuracyXyz=0.100

14 BrightDistr=9,7,20,12,6,3,2,3,6,12,20,14,6,0,-3,-4,-3,0,6,14,11,3,-3,-6,-8,-6,-3,3,11,10,2,-4,-8,-9,-8,-4,2,10,11,3,-3,-6,-8,-6,-3,3,11,14,6,0,-3,-4,-3,0,6,14,20,12,6,3,2,3,6,12,20