Configuration Variables

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Configuration Variables

Configuration Variables

MicroStation is able to locate TerraPhoto with the help of configuration variables. When you install TerraPhoto, the installation program will create a configuration file TERRA.CFG which defines the required environment variables. This file is placed in MicroStation's CONFIG\APPL sub-directory.

For example, C:\...\MICROSTATION\CONFIG\APPL\TERRA.CFG may contain:


#  TERRA.CFG - Configuration for Terra Applications






%if exists ($(TERRACFG)*.cfg)

%   include $(TERRACFG)*.cfg


This configuration file will include all the configuration files in C:\TERRA\CONFIG directory. TerraPhoto's configuration file TPHOTO.CFG contains:


#  TPHOTO.CFG - TerraPhoto Configuration File




#   Directory for user preferences (user has write access)


#   Directory for settings (may point to read-only directory)


#   Files for settings (may be shared by organization)



#   WGS84 to Ordnance Survey National Grid data files

TPHOTO_UK_OSTN   = $(TERRADIR)coordsys/ostn02.txt

In a default configuration, MicroStation automatically includes these settings as configuration variables. You can check the values for these variables in the Configuration Variables dialog of MicroStation. In case these variables have not been defined correctly, you should define them manually.

MS_MDLAPPS should include the directory where TPHOTO.MA is located.

TPHOTO_DATA defines a default directory for incoming laser points.

TPHOTO_LICENSE should point to the directory where user license TPHOTO.LIC is located.

TPHOTO_SET should point to a directory where user settings and user preferences can be stored.

TPHOTO_TILENAMING specifies a file in which tile naming schemes are stored.

TPHOTO_TRANSFORM specifies a file in which coordinate transformations are stored.

TPHOTO_UK_OSTN specifies a file from which to read UK National Grid data.