Search seamlines

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Search seamlines

Search seamlines

Search seamlines command creates Auto seamline shapes automatically along image seamlines.

This is useful for small objects in aerial images, like trees or cars, that are cut by image seamlines.

To search seamlines:

1. Select Search seamlines from the Image pulldown menu.

This opens the Search Seamlines dialog:


2. Define settings.

3. Start the search with a data click inside the top view.

If Search is set to At one seamline, the data click determines the closest seamline for which the search is started.

If Search is set to Between two images , the search starts after the images have been defined by two data clicks.

The application starts to search Auto seamline shapes. A progress bar shows the progress of the process. The search for a large data set may take a while.




Defines the area for creating Auto seamline shapes:

At one seamline - creates shapes along one seamline. The seamline is defined by a data click.

Between two images - creates shapes along the seamline between two images. The two images are defined by data clicks inside the images.

Inside fence - creates shapes along seamlines inside a fence.

Image number range - creates shapes for images within a defined image number range.

Whole dataset - creates shapes for all images.

Max size

Maximum size of Auto seamline shapes.


Numbers that define the range of images for which Auto seamline shapes are created. This is only active if Search is set to Image number range.