Test License Server/Manager communication

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Test License Server/Manager communication

Test License Server/Manager communication

To test the communication over a network, you need to have Terra License Server installed on one computer and Terra License Manager on another computer. Settings must have been defined in the License Server and License Manager applications.

To test Server/Manager communication:

1. Start Terra License Server application on the one computer.

Check the Event log in the lower left part of the application window for the version number (018, 019, ...) that it is going to serve:


2. Start Terra License Manager application on another computer.

3. Select Server state command from the View pulldown menu.

This opens the Server state dialog:


4. Select the Version number of the licenses that are served in the License Server.

The dialog shows the number of free out of the number of available licenses on the server machine or another message.

‘No pool licenses’ message indicates that the communication is successful but there are no network license files in the /POOL0XX folder on the server computer.

‘No reply from server’ message indicates that the License Manager cannot establish communication with the server. Check the network connection between the computers, e.g. in the Windows Explorer. The client computer must see the server computer in the Network section of the Windows Explorer. In addition, double-check all the installation and setup steps to make sure everything is done properly.

'Bad access code' message indicates that the access code values in the License Manager Settings and the License Server Settings do not match. It can also mean that the License Service has not been restarted after new license files have been added on the server machine, or after settings have been changed.