Send License Server information

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Send License Server information

Send License Server information

You must send the server computer name and identification number to Terrasolid in order to request network licenses. The network licenses that you receive from Terrasolid will only work on that specific computer.

To send server computer details:

1. Start Terra License Server application.

2. Select Server information command from File pulldown menu.

This opens the Server information dialog:


Click the Open web button in order to open a web form. In the form, you can fill all other necesary details for requesting licenses. This is the preferred procedure.

Alternatively, click the Copy button to copy the name and ID of the computer to the clip board. You can then paste the values into an E-mail that you send to Terrasolid. In the email, you must provide information about your company and why you are requesting licenses (new server computer, new license file request, etc.). Please note that the web form helps you to provide all necessary information and thus, the request may be handled faster.

If you are eligible for licenses, you or the contact person of your company provided in the web form will receive an email containing your license files. Copy the files to the installation folder of the Terra License Server, such as C:/TERRA64/POOL0XX where XX stands for the current version number. Restart the License Service after adding new license files to the license server.

Server information must be sent to Terrasolid when a new computer is taken into use as license server for Terrasolid applications. This may be the case if you become a new customer of Terrasolid or if you need to move your licenses from one to another server computer. Please note that Terrasolid does not accept frequent moves of licenses.