Request a license

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Request a license

Request a licenses

The most common task with Terra License Manager is to request new licenses from the server. This is required in order to run a licensed Terrasolid application on the client computer.

To request licenses:

1. Select all applications in the Terra License Manager window for which you want to request a license.

2. Select Get from server command from License pulldown menu.

This opens the Get from Server dialog:


3. Select the Version of the application.

4. Enter the last date in the Valid thru fields on which the license should be usable on the computer. At the end of this day, the license is returned to the server and becomes available for check-out again. The format of the date is DD/MM/YYYY (day/month/year). The Duration field is updated accordingly and shows the amount of days the license is valid on this computer.


4. Enter the amount of days in the Duration field for which the license should be usable on hte computer. The Valid thru fields are updated accordingly and show the last day the license is valid on this computer.

5. Click OK.

This sends a request to the server. If a license is granted, the version number, license type and return date are displayed in the application window. Settings on the server may limit the duration of the generated license.

The maximum duration for requesting a license is limited by the setting in the Terra License Server application. If a longer validity period is choosen in the Get from server dialog, the application sets it automatically to the maximum duration according the the server settings.

Change the validity of a license

To change the validity of a license, request it again with a new duration. You can request for a longer or a shorter duration. For example, if the computer is processing a long task with TerraScan, you may request a longer license while TerraScan is busy.