Enter License Server Settings

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Enter License Server Settings

Enter License Server Settings

The License Server settings specify an access code for the server/manager communication and the maximum duration for which licenses can be checked out on client computers.

To enter server settings:

1. Start Terra License Server application.

2. Select Settings command from File pulldown menu.

This opens the Settings dialog:


3. Specify an Access code. All client computers must use exactly the same access code.

4. Enter the Maximum duration for which licenses can be checked out. A short duration requires users to renew licenses more frequently, but it is safer -- if a computer with borrowed licenses breaks down, the licenses will become available as soon as the validity period ends.

5. Click OK.

This saves the settings into a configuration file named LICENSE_SERVER.UPF and stored in the same folder as the License Server application.

Licenses are returned to the server automatically after the check-out period ends or manually by the License Manager on the client computer. If a client computer breaks down or if the licenses can not be returned for another reason from the client computer, the licenses are blocked until the check-out period ends. There is no way of forcing the return of licenses in the server application. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to limit the maximum duration for the license check-out to a reasonable amout of days.