Contact Terrasolid

Contact Terrasolid

By email via input form:

Terrasolid Info - general questions related to Terrasolid and Terrasolid software.

For specific requests and registrations, please use the input forms provided on the web pages instead of sending a formless message. This ensures that all required information for a certain request is included.

Terrasolid Support - technical problems, usage issues with Terrasolid software.

Training - scheduled training courses in our facilities in Espoo.

License Registration - registration of software licenses. Please follow the guidelines on the License Registration web page.

Sales and marketing persons

All Terrasolid products:

Kimmo Soukki - kimmo.soukki(at) (English, Finnish)

Xabier EraƱa - xabier.erana(at) (English, Spanish)

3D web publishing technologies and Sova3D solutions:

Petri Kokko - petri.kokko(at) (English, Finnish)

For practical reasons, such as time differences, please contact us primarily by email.

Important notice: The old email addresses finally expired. They will not be checked anymore and messages may not be forwarded to any other address. Therefore, please do not use addresses in order to contact Terrasolid.

Official company address

Terrasolid offices in Espoo

Terrasolid Ltd. Terrasolid
Kanavaranta 7 B 28 Upseerinkatu 3 C (6th floor)
00160 HELSINKI 02600 ESPOO
Finland Finland

The Terrasolid Training room has been moved to a new location in early June 2018. The new address is Upseerinkatu 1, 02600 Espoo. It's in the same building complex as the Terrasolid offices but in another building. More instructions for training participants can be found here.

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